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Founding of Jaroslav Ježek’s Fans Society was initiated by Jeunesses Musicales Czech Republic and Dr. Věra Šustíková, PhD on the day of his 100th birthday on September 25, 2006 at the place where this composer lived on Kaprova Street in Prague (“The Blue Room“). The founding members were the representatives of Jeunesses Musicales Czech Republic, The Jaroslav Ježek Conservatory, Czech Museum of Music and music publicists.


The aim of Jaroslav Ježek’s Fans Society (JJFS) is to spread the artistic and human heritage of Jaroslav Ježek as a composer, conductor and progressive humanist. The JJFS website contents include activities aiming to create publicly accessible information based about Jaroslav Ježek , propagation of Jaroslav Ježek’s work, supporting concerts and productions, public presentation, associating organizers of those activities and partners that support those projects. Activities of the society also include research and popularisation. 

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